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Sample forms in filling K-1 visa

You will need to complete 1 G-325A for petitioner and 1 for your fiance. There should be 4 copies and all 4 are duplicates copies. Additionally,the petitioner need four copies same with the fiance you need to sign all 4 and the signatures must be original. If you fill out the form online it should auto-populate all 4 copies with the information you enter on the 1st copy.

1)File number A - leave it blank that's for the permanent resident.
2)All other names used (includes names by previous marriage) - If you were married before or widowed put the name of your previous husband or wife.
3)U.S Social Security Number - petitioner need to fill-up, fiance just put NONE
4)Former Husband or wives- write the name of former husband or wife if your divorce , annulled or widowed
5)Applicants residents for past five years list present address - EXAMPLE (if you only lived in 1 place for the last 5 or + years):
#5 Banana Lane, Manila Phillipines, 1999 - present

EXAMPLE (if you have lived in multipe places for the last 5 years). You count 5 years back. This takes us to Sept of 2004. Where were you living in Sept of 2004? Let's say you were living at #153 Apple Pie Lane, Davao, Phillipines.

Let's say you moved to Samal in Feb of 2006.

Let's say you moved to Manila in March of 2008 until present time.

You'd need to put everything STARTING from most recent place you lived. You would put:
#5 Banana Lane, Manila Phillipines, March 2008 - present
#88-D Whip Cream Boulevard, Samal Phillipines, Feb 2006 - March 2008
#153 Apple Pie Lane, Davao Phillipines Sept 2004 - Feb 2006
6) Applicants last address outside the united states of more than 1 year - I put NONE
7) Applicants employement last five years. State the present employment first - you need to fill up the job you have for the last five years if the space provider is not enough you need to make an attachment.
8) This form is submitted in connection with the application for- check the box other (specify) I-129f if your applying for fiance visa.
9) Alien number - Put none

I-129f http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-129F.pdf

Part A. All information is intended for the petitioner
7) Other name used including maiden names - Put you name includes your maiden if not just write NONE
8) Social Security number A# If any - A# just write NONE this is for those who are naturalize american stands for alien number.
9) Name of prior spouses - If you are divorce write down the name of you ex spouse/husband.
10) My citizenship was aquire through - check the box that is intended for you. If your a USC check birth in the U.S or if you acquired you citizenship through naturalization and write down the certificate number.

Part B.

13) List all the children of your alien fiance - Put all the names of your fiance dependent children espicially for those who gonna follow to join or she have a k2 derivative.

DS-156 https://evisaforms.state.gov/ds156.asp

1)Passport - Write your current passport number passport must be six month valid beyond the applicants intended period of stay.
2)Place of issue - City: where passport was issued example: Manila
Country: Country from where passport was issued example: Philippines
State/Province: state.province from where the passport was issued
3)Issuing Country - Country that issued your passport.
4)Issuance Date: Date when passport was issued.
5)Expiration Date: Date when passport is expiring.
6)Surnames (appear on passport): Your surname of last name.
7)First and Middle Name - Your first and middle name or Given name.
8)Other surname used - Any other surnames that you might have been used in the past. "Maiden" names means a woman name used before she is married.
9)Other first and Middle Names Used - If you used any other names in the past, write them here. Married women must make sure to include their full name as used before marriage, after marriage and any other aliases.
10)Date of Birth - Date you where born.
11)Place of Birth - Place when you were born.
12)Nationality - Country of citizenship example: Filipino
13)Sex - Your gender male/female
14)National Identification number - Just write NONE
15)Home Address - Complete home address like apartment number, street city, province, postal code and country.
16)Home Telephone Number: If you have the telephone at home write the number, else write NONE
Business Phone Number: NONE most of us don't have it.
Mobile Cell Number: write it down or else NONE
Fax Number: NONE if you have write it down
17)Marital Status - Check appropriate box that pertains to you.
18)Spouse's Full Name - If you are married ,divorce or separated, write spouse name even if is not going to travel with you or not applying for visa. Include maiden name also K1/K2 must write NONE here.
19)Spouse DOB - Your spouse date of birth, K1/K2 NONE.
20)Name and address of Present Employer or School - Write here complete name and address where you work. If you were self-employed write where your business is located. If you are retired and not working write NONE.
21)Present Occupation - Write your current occupation and be specific.
22)When Do you Intend to Arrive in the U.S? - You must provide the date. A specific date or a tentative date.
23)Email address- Write down a valid email address or else NONE.
24)At What Address You Will Stay in the U.S? - Write the address where you will stay
25)Name and Telephone Number of Person in U.S. Who Will be Staying With or Visiting for Tourism or Business - If you are staying at some relative or fiancee place write down his/her phone number here.
26)How Long Do You Intend to Stay in the U.S? - Be specific, K1/K2 permanently.

27)What is the Purpose of you trip? - To marry my fiancee
28)Who will pay for your trip? - If someone is sponsoring you, his/her name should be there in the "affidavit of support".
29)Have you ever been in the U.S? - If you been there check yes if not check no be carefull consule know everything.
30)Have You Ever Been Issued a Visa - Write details here correctly or else NONE.
31)Have you ever been refused a U.S visa? - If you have been refused before write the detail you need to tell the truth or else answer NO.
32)Do You Intend To Work in the U.S? - Write NO because you intend to marry you fiancee not to work there.
33)Do You Intend to Study - NO because you will go there to marry your fiancee.
34)Names of Persons Traveling With You? - You enter only the names of close family members that is traveling with you or else NONE.
35)Has Your U.S Visa Ever Canceled or Revoked? - Answer appropriately. Either USCIS or State Departmen may have canceled a visa if they discover that the visa holder has violated the terms of the visa.
36)Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf? - Answer if somebody have filed on your behalf or else NONE.
37)Are Any of the Following Persons in the U.S, or Do they Have U.S Legal Permanent or U.S Citizenship? - Mark yes or no and indicate that persons status in the U.S.
38)Important Question - All of this question check for the grounds of inadmissibility. If you check yes or any of the, you will be denied a visa. In rare cases, waiver maybe available and you should talk to a competent immigration lawyer.
39)Was These Application Prepared by Other Person on Your Behalf? - If you have an agent write "Yes" and put his details if you do it yourself state NONE or Myself.
40)Application Prepared By: - If your answer to question 39 is "Yes" ask the person to fill this section.
41)You must sign and date the application, even if someone else fills out the form



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